Dynabook Adjustable Laptop Stand

Part number:  PS0106EA1STA

Dynabook Adjustable Laptop Stand
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- For laptops up to 17"
- Optimized for comfort sitting and viewing posture
- Adjustable height/angle
- Helps relieve cervical vertebra pressure
- Non-slip silicone pads on the panel and bottom ensure stability
- Venting holes allow for heat dissipation of your laptop
- Foldable, space-saving design for easy storage

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Work with ease

Laptops are a necessity in the workspace, but they don’t always offer the most comfortable viewing position.

This can easily be fixed by using a laptop stand, like this model from Dynabook that’s able to hold laptops up to 17".

Venting holes also enhance heat dissipation, keeping your device cool and safe.

Adjustable height and angle

The laptop stand features a fully adjustable design up to 90°, allowing angle and height adjustment for optimized sitting and viewing posture.

Adjustable Design

Improved stability

The Dynabook laptop holder has non-slip silicone pads that ensure optimal stability and provide a reliable hold for laptops up to 17 inches.

Enhanced Stability

Foldable, space-saving design

Measuring 295 x 255 x 57mm, weighing just over 1kg and made of premium aluminum alloy.

Foldable, space-saving design

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