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Updating Windows7 Image for Skylake

If you are performing an installation of Windows7 over USB, either manually or via a remote deployment system it is recommended to update your base Windows7 WIM image with the latest USB Drivers.

With the introduction of 6th generation Core-i (Skylake) chipsets we have noticed that Windows7 in either 32-bit or 64-bit flavours is unable to access the USB bus when the base operating system is deployed, thus possibly making it difficult to install the required drivers to complete the operating system build. What has actually happened is the system board no longer contains a USB2.0 controller, just a USB3.0 controller which natively Winodws7 cannot recognise and use.

Before deploying your Windows7 WIM it is necessary to inject the USB3.0 drivers using DISM as found in the Microsoft ADK package. First mount your Windows7 image file so changes can be made (please note the file directory and name structure in this and following command lines will need to be set to reflect your environment):-

dism /mount-image /imagefile:”C:\Images\Windows7-32.wim” /index:1 /mountdir:”C:\Images\mount”

Once the image is mounted and can be opened the following command is needed to inject the USB (and any other drivers) you wish to install. At this point we would recommend limiting this to just the drivers we make available for WinPE environments:-

dism /image:c:\Images\Mount /Add-Driver /driver:c:\Images\Drivers\ /recurse

When the above has successfully completed you will need to close the WIM by unmounting:-

dism /unmount-image /mountdir:”C:\Images\mount” /commit

Once the un-mount has successfully completed it is good practice to clean-up the ”work area” by issues the following final command. This will ensure the ADK environment is ready for future use without any problems:-

Dism /cleanup-wim

You should now be able to place deploy your base Windows7 WIM to the notebook and after running the “bcdboot c:\windows” command reboot the notebook, complete the installation of Windows7 and have full use of the USB ports are installing the driver sets.

Until the next time,

Your Toshiba B2B Consultant Team

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