Every school, college and university is unique. That’s why we’ve developed a varied range of laptops and tablets for every aspect of education. So you have exactly what you need to suit your organisation, and bring the very best out in students, teachers and administrators. Find the right devices for you below:

Satellite Pro E10

Satellite Pro E10

Perfect for primary schools and 1:1 schemes. Lightweight, portable, and with all the power needed for student use.

Satellite Pro C50

Satellite Pro C50

Perfect for university and further education. Incredible value, available in a range of specifications to suit students, teachers and staff alike.

Satellite Pro C40

Satellite Pro C40

No-Compromise Style, Productivity and Value.
This 14" laptop offers all the tools you need for a productive work or study day, yet is effortlessly portable and budget-friendly.

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Why Dynabook devices are top of the class for education


Light and slim enough to be carried easily from class-to-class


Device confidence, backed up by our reliability guarantee

All-day battery life

Students, teachers and administrators can learn for longer without plugging in


A range of solutions to help your implementation run smoothly

Built for Microsoft

Designed to take advantage of the unique benefits presented by Microsoft Education


The right device for education has to tick many boxes. It has to be powerful enough to display engaging content without performance stutters, and smart enough to keep your admin teams productive and organised. It has to have the endurance to last throughout a demanding school day and beyond, light and easy for students and education professionals to carry around, and rugged enough to withstand the knocks and scrapes of any school or campus.

A Dynabook device ticks all of these boxes. It’s designed from the ground up with education in mind, so teachers, students and support staff always have the right tool for the job, backed up by the peace of mind that advanced Dynabook security features, such as our very own BIOS, and industry-leading guarantee can provide.

Primary & Secondary

With 30 years of experience in education, Dynabook understands how important having the right technology is to enabling successful personalised learning. That’s why we offer a complete line-up of devices built for the classroom and beyond, packed with easy-to-manage technology from Windows 10 and Microsoft Education. We’re also proud to be a part of Microsoft’s Shape the Future Program, which enables schools to get the best prices on our Windows 10 devices.

Higher Education

Colleges and universities are using technology to meet the evolving demands of new students and stay responsive to real-world challenges. With a rich heritage in Higher Education, Dynabook knows that every institution needs a unique approach. That’s why we have developed a varied range of laptops, Ultrabooks™ and tablets for education. With over 15 years of experience in providing mobile technology through the National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA) via its approved reseller partners, Dynabook has exactly what you need to bring the best out of your students and staff.

Further Education

With the world becoming increasingly digital, Further Education institutions are embracing technology within their environments to prepare students for their futures. At Dynabook, we work closely with a number of our specialist resellers to provide mobile technology through the Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) - the only national purchasing consortium dedicated to Further Education - ensuring we bring reliable and easy-to-use devices to your students and staff which support their teaching and learning needs.

The Dynabook difference

Built for education

Rooted in technology

Unmatched guarantee and warranty

Leading security

Works seamlessly with Microsoft 365

Shape the Future programme

To prepare students for tomorrow, give them Windows 10 at the best prices today

Please visit the Microsoft Education blog for the latest news, stories and insights

Meet the Team

The Education Team

The Dynabook team have a passion for education.
Our Education Technical and Sales Support teams can help with a full range of laptops to suit a variety of different schools.

Dawn Henderson

Sales Account Manager

Dawn leads the education team at Dynabook, having joined the team in June 2010 after spending over 20 years working as an account and sales manager for a number of IT resellers, working in Local Government/HEFE and Schools education sectors. With over 30 years’ experience working within the education market, she understands the key drivers for our customers and how we can support those needs and requirements across both schools and Higher and Further Education.

+44 7469914009

Matt Folliard

Sales Account Manager

Matt is the latest addition to the Dynabook Education Team, joining in March 2020, and looks after schools and colleges in the South. With nearly 30 years of experience working as an Account Manager in IT, most of which within the Education sector, he is ideally suited to help support our customers in providing the best mobile solution for their needs.

+44 7920365828

Richard Davidson

Education Technical Consultant

Richard has been providing technical support and service with Dynabook and Toshiba-branded products over the last 20 years.

+44 7771390388 richard.davidson@dynabook.com

Jamie Hazley

Education Sales Support

At Dynabook we understand the difference the right laptop can make in schools and campuses, whether for students, teachers or admin teams. Jamie is here to support and guide you through that process.

01932 825136

Karen McCourt

Education Sales Support

Our range of laptops are ideal for helping everyone learn, teach, connect, explore and discover. Whatever your education needs, Karen can offer expert advice and support.

01932 825136

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