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New FTP and Software Guide Sheets

Hello everyone. Just a short posting this time to let you know we have changed our FTP and created some guide sheets relating to
some of the Toshiba software utilities.


We have migrated the existing FTP to a new server. This has given us, and you, some great benefits:-

  • Now you can access the FTP via your favourite browser thanks to the new interface (don’t worry, you can still use your FTP client software too).
  • Improved storage capacity.
  • Faster downloads.
  • Revised structure to make it easier to find the files you want – fast.

The increased storage capacity means we can now keep aging platforms available in an archive. Once
moved to the archive the drivers and associated files will be available indefinitely although they will no
longer be updated. Only models listed in the current section will be updated.

Speaking of updates we have taken the opportunity to update all of the drivers (full exe and INF) as part of the move.
Check it out:-


Username: TIUB2B_Deploy

Password: JAtq-Qdm

The original FTP will continue to operate and be available for several months before it is switched off.
Before the lights go dark on the original site we will be removing all of the files (end of June) and replacing
them with a single Readme that will contain the details of the new FTP site.

Software Guide Sheets

We are often asked what the Toshiba software in the OEM image and available for download do, and more
importantly do they need to be included in your image/build.

As a first step to try and explain what the software is and what it does we have created some guide sheets
which are available on the above new FTP. Each guide sheet includes an image of what the user interface
looks like; an overview of what the software does and any dependencies required; details of the number of
services and processes it adds once installed; if it is necessary to be in the OS build or if it can be left out;
what the silent installation instructions are.

We have guide sheets for the following:-

  • Toshiba Bluetooth Stack
  • ECO Utility
  • Fingerprint Software
  • HDD/SSD Alert Utility
  • HDD Protection Software
  • Sleep Utility
  • PC Health Monitor
  • Service Station Overview
  • Tempro Overview
  • Value Added Package
  • Intel Management Engine
  • Intel ProSet
  • Intel WiDi

That’s it for now. The next couple of postings on the blog will discuss some new consultancy services
we have made available, and we will also be discussing Toshiba’s Cloud Client Management (TCCM) Solution.

Until the next time,

Your Toshiba B2B Consultant Team

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