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Welcome, so what’s this all about?

Hello there and welcome to the new Toshiba Technical Blog. Through this blog we want to take the opportunity to communicate with you, our customers and partners, what Toshiba are doing technologically, what we expect the next trends to be, how to get the best out of your Toshiba computing equipment, and also hints, tips, and tricks on image creation and integration into your estate.

The blog will be a growing entity and we will look at introducing new features as time goes by. As we will not have a dedicated “publish date” for the blog entries (we do have a day job to do too) we recommend you register your details on the left of this page. That way you will get an alert when something new has been published with a link direct to the new entry.

So, coming up over the next few months we plan to add entries, in no particular order, that will cover the following:-

  • Items to include in your custom image build
  • Elements of what is in the Toshiba Value Add Pack
  • Using WMI scripts during deployment
  • Getting WiDi to work
  • Dynadock v Dedicated Dock and Deploying the Dynadock drivers
  • Business Recovery Image
  • HALT Testing – what is it?
  • EasyGuard – why is it important?
  • Using WMI to change BIOS settings
  • Getting the best from your battery

It’s been a busy start to the year with various shows such as BETT2015, launching the Broadwell versions of our award winning Z-series of notebooks, and of course the new 2-in1 detachable: the Z20T –Portege Z20t-B/ (more on this in a future article).

Oh, and don’t forget to check out our B2B focussed microsite which leads to further microsites by sector.

We’re also looking at the best way for you, our community, to be able to get in touch with us without the Blog becoming a forum or message board; more on this when available.

Until the next time,

Your Toshiba B2B Consultant Team

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