Data and hardware security are an essential component of any modern business plan. As cyberattacks and threats
become increasingly sophisticated, your IT infrastructure needs to be ready and able to protect your business.

All Dynabook laptop devices are engineered with security at heart, built around our unique in-house BIOS. But now,
Microsoft has defined a new, extremely demanding classification for PC security: “Secured-core PC”. A Secured-core
PC is a modern Windows device that comes with the highest level of hardware, software and identity protection,
right out of the box.


Trusted platform module (TPM 2.0)
Modern Intel CPU
SecureBIO (biometrics)


Dynamic root of trust
measurement (DRTM)


Virtualisation-based security (VBS)
Hypervisor code integrity (HVCI)

This battery of defences, installed at all levels of the operating system,
protects against malicious access and malware. You can find out more
about these layers of protection on the Microsoft Windows blog.

The good news for our customers is that Dynabook laptops
are already Secured-core PCs. Our devices can protect even the most
mission-critical data and apps, no matter how data-sensitive your business.